Posted in August 2012

Team Activity – Anuva Wine Tasting

An unfortunate part of our job here is that in order to be able to accurately recommend activities to you all we have to experience them ourselves firsthand. This is obviously a crying shame as it means we have to do all of the amazing things Buenos Aires has to offer together as a team; … Continue reading

Mateando & Maravillas in Misiones, Argentina

Red iron-bedded Earth and small green cities scattered with evidence of the rich jungle beyond. Town boundaries marked by rolling plantations of bustly yerba mate plants, tea, tobacco, citrus and sugar cane. I have been sent on a mission to learn all about the core economic activity of the region and something that is dear … Continue reading

Update on the New Building!

Saturday night we began the exciting yet strange process of moving everything into our new, nearly completed building at Fitz Roy 2110 in Palermo Hollywood and beginning the testing process! The designer and builders have been working double time this last week trying to get everything ready for us to test before our first Argentine … Continue reading