A Little Story: From Humble Beginnings to Happy Stomachs

We want to take you on a little journey of one strange Englishman with an even stranger history, who ran away from everything he ever knew in search of a way of life he knew nothing about, but was driven to find.

When asked what it was that he was looking for, the answer was always vague and uncertain, what was always clear and concise however, was what he was running away from; the corporate world of long hours, no flexibility, constant stress, plastic smiles and back stabbing. There had to be something better.

After 4 years of independent travelling and 3 years of guiding travellers all over the untamed trails of South America, he saw an opportunity to combine his passion for food, people and travel with an idea in which being highly extrovert is a necessity; hosting interactive meals for travellers at The Argentine Experience.

He wanted to level the playing fields in the travelling community and create an activity in which individuals, couples and groups of all ages, cultures and backgrounds could dine and enjoy each others company. The vision was to create an unintimidating and innovative environment delivering the best elements of Argentine cuisine and culture, customized to an international perspective.

Argentina was top of the list as one of the most diverse countries on earth with infinite possibilities for the curious and the adventurous; from tropical jungles, snow-capped peaks, epic waterfalls and mind blowing glaciers, to dazzling party cities offering incredible steak and deliciously fruity Malbecs.

With his own experience fresh in mind, Leon designed his perfect evening and began opening his home up to provide a delicious meal including the best steak in Buenos Aires, and excellent service with plenty of laughs and entertainment.

What started as 3 close friends in the kitchen, searing steaks on the balcony parrilla overlooking the city lights of Recoleta, soon grew into to a team of like-minded individuals from all corners of the world, and no longer able to fit into the confines of Leon’s home, they moved to a new locale in the wining and dining precinct of Palermo Hollywood.

From a dream, to dynamic dining with friends, we hope you enjoy The Argentine Experience as much as us!


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