Update on the New Building!

Saturday night we began the exciting yet strange process of moving everything into our new, nearly completed building at Fitz Roy 2110 in Palermo Hollywood and beginning the testing process! The designer and builders have been working double time this last week trying to get everything ready for us to test before our first Argentine Experience in our new location and the place looks simply stunning!

Here is a picture of our beloved leader with our brand new Argentine Experience sign! In our opinion, the knife and fork forming the X in experience is a really nice touch, what do you think?

As you can see from the last photo, downstairs is coming along nicely as well, the cafe tables and chairs are pretty much in place, and the finishing touches are being put on the bar, with only shelves and storage to be installed.

Last but not least we have our pride and joy – the restaurant area upstairs! All but complete we have 2 tables with a capacity of 28, a mini bar to cater for a upstairs bar menu, a balcony to enjoy warm evening air and a small dance floor to put on tango shows!

All in all an incredible upgrade on our old place, we can’t thank everyone involved enough, the place looks amazing and we can’t wait to start work!


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