Update on the new building!

Just to give everyone a brief update on where we are in the new building, our bar is well on its way to being completed as we speak! The builders are in and constructing the shelves behind our amazing stone walled bar that will hold all of our glasses, spirits and mixers. The LCD TV is in place on which we hope to show both national and international sports! The wood looks amazing and is a really nice contrast against the grey walls. We hope to add a mirrored effect behind the glasses and bottles to help give an illusion of depth and make the bar even more impressive! The sink is in place and fitted, as are the fridges for the mixers and there is an area for the cash register on the corner. We can’t wait to finally open the bar up to everyone, it’s such an amazing space and it feels really inviting, especially with the lighting underneath!

That brings us neatly to our first cocktail training session for The Argentine Experience! Fortunately for us, Bo is not only a wizard in the kitchen but has also had plenty of experience in opening up bars, and he has helped us create an amazing cocktail list that combines a little bit of Argentina with the more common classic cocktails of the world. Argentina has well developed fruit growing regions in the north that in combination with being so close to Brazil mean we have great access to fresh produce and we plan to make the most of it! We’re all having a great time experimenting (and subsequently getting drunk) with the cocktail menu and we definitely have something for everyone on our menu!

By Richard Porter. Richard works at The Argentine Experience.


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