Posted in October 2012

Picture perfect with Foto Ruta

Photography.. you just point your camera and click the button right? How hard can it be? This was the main thought running through my mind when I ventured down to Recoleta to join in Foto Ruta’s photography class and tour. If you look through my personal photo collection one thing becomes very obvious – I’m … Continue reading

Parrillas & Opera Houses

I love strolling through Buenos Aires on a Sunday. There always seems to be a shared consensus of what this day is, whether this is fresh air, coffees, or as I see is popular, chupando on a park bench! Having a visitor from New Zealand, I had another excuse to delve out from my little … Continue reading

Better than therapy ~ Buena Onda Yoga

Anyone that’s been in Buenos Aires for a while knows that living here can be a character builder. There’s the porteño culture, a mix of indie and intellectualism; dating, which is often described as “hysterical;” the loose tiles on the sidewalk that return surprise sprays of hidden muddy water and sometimes stubbed toes; let’s not … Continue reading