Better than therapy ~ Buena Onda Yoga

Anyone that’s been in Buenos Aires for a while knows that living here can be a character builder. There’s the porteño culture, a mix of indie and intellectualism; dating, which is often described as “hysterical;” the loose tiles on the sidewalk that return surprise sprays of hidden muddy water and sometimes stubbed toes; let’s not forget the art of working 9-6pm and socializing 11pm till dawn, and of course the sho’s and shhamo’s of the Argentine Spanish.

Most Argentines do therapy. If this isn’t your thing, and I can’t believe I didn’t discover this earlier, try getting yourself along to a class of what is literally, Buena Onda Yoga.

A representative seven of us from The Argentine Experience decided this would be a fun “team activity,” and for me, it was definitely worth the trip out to the studio on Carlos Calvo 950 in San Telmo to see my workmates trying to get themselves into many dynamic poses, including legs over head, among many others. There are also classes in Palermo and Las Cañitas for those that abide in these neighbourhoods.

The class was run in English, and while I usually enjoy the challenge of Spanish, having never done a yoga class before, English instructions meant I was able to completely relax.

Thankfully, I had my mat positioned at the edge of the class next to my female colleagues, having heard the week-long running commentary from the guys about the “risk” of lifting a leg higher than normal, so I could fully enjoy all the elements of the class.

The class starts with the lights off, with the instructor clearly explaining exactly what you need to do with your body. There is no outside city noise and one can instantly appreciate the retreat from the hussle and bussle of the streets.

Moreover, the challenge of manoeuvring one’s body into strange shapes is an exercise in willpower and concentration, leaving little room for other things on the mind.

Our team was a mixed bunch; incorporating the sporty, not so sporty, the injured and the generally challenged, and surprisingly, everyone loved it and wants to make this a regular activity.

The best part of the class, our friendly teacher, Lisa, came around each student and individually massaged our temples…divine and leaving absolutely no room for stress!

I spent the best part of the next week raving about the class to anyone who would listen and after hearing a good number of people tell me that this sport “changed their life,” it seems that yoga is one of those well-kept secrets, one that’s securely on list to to-do’s for the second part of this year. I am looking forward to giving MoonLight Yoga a go, which Meghan from Buena Onda Yoga tells me is coming up soon.

By Sarah Wattie. Sarah works for The Argentine Experience. 


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