Update on downstairs: Chingona margaritas & Mexican cuisine!

On Friday night we opened the doors of El Mate Cafe restaurant and bar for the very first time for a trial night of mouthwatering Mexican food. The menu for the evening: homemade nachos with authentic dips, fajitas with smokin’ HOT chilli sauce, quesadillas, and tacos filled with beans, guacamole and slices of tender fillet steak. Our wonderful chefs from Thailand, Argentina and Peru, Bo, Ana and Pepe, had their hands busy for a good couple of days preparing the menu and with their diverse culinary backgrounds were able to carefully fuse spice with flavour; the end result really really yummy.

Of course, colourful food is best enjoyed with colourful drinks. Having recently welcomed one of Buenos Aires most talented barmen to the team, Juan, who you will identify by his large black square-rimmed glasses and cocktail-shaking groove, our bar was to be best described as cocktail heaven. After Chingona Margaritas, Raspberry Daquiris, Cilantro Mojitos and Vanilla Skies, we were all on cloud nine, each with a unique Juan-inspired groove.

The night was a lot of fun and for the team it was satisfying and exciting to see our restaurant and bar in action after the busy last few months.

I think everyone would agree that after a staple diet of empanadas, the tasty chilli infused morsels were a serious mood-lifter! We are equally excited about what is coming up next: Argenthai and Peruvian, so we will be keeping you posted!


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