Boring my co-workers to tears at the Buenos Aires Natural History Museum

Most boys aged around 8-10 go through a dinosaur phase, I know I certainly did. There is something about these huge prehistoric creatures that captures the imagination of a child, and it seems that only an 8 year old is able to actually pronounce their names. I think most adults grow out of this obsession and I thought I had – how wrong I was!

I wandered round with a big @&%* eating grin on my face for about 2 hours

On Wednesday myself, Bo, Jose and Anna took a trip down to the Bernardino Rivadavia Natural Sciences Museum as a little staff excursion. They thought it would be a nice day to wander around a museum and casually look at the exhibits, little did they know that bubbling beneath my cool exterior was the excitement of a kid at Christmas, ready to batter any enthusiasm they may have had down with and relentless stream of information.

The museum itself is located more or less in the center of BA, surrounded by parks and cafe’s and bars and is a perfect place to enjoy an afternoon, and even though the museum is relatively small it’s well worth the 10 peso entrance fee. With my zoological background places like this have always been a bit of a wet dream for me, it’s always been my fascination and Argentina is famous for its Cenozoic Megafauna (no really it is!). This is the land of the terror birds, the giant ground sloths, the glyptodonts and many other unique animals that evolved here before the continent crashed into North America. (I think you can already see what a nightmare I was to be around). The museum also contains many fossil dinosaurs in amazing displays that would be a favourite for school children. The T-Rex skull and Argentinasaurus vertebrae were among my favourites and it’s still humbling for me to see the scale of these things compared to us, how terrifying it must have been for early humans to have to contend with a 2 metre tall predatory bird! There are also sections devoted to explaining early naturalists, the science and research done at the museum as well as preserved specimens.

That is one vertebra

I’ll keep this blog post brief as if the faces of my co-workers are anything to go by anyone reading this is probably in a coma already, so I’ll just say if you have the time and the interest its well worth a visit. It won’t take you more than a couple of hours to get around and any kids with you will love the recreated skeletons. Anyone scared of birds probably won’t enjoy it, I think the owners have a taxidermy fetish, about ¼ of the museum is stuffed birds, but hey different strokes for different folks!


2 thoughts on “Boring my co-workers to tears at the Buenos Aires Natural History Museum

  1. Sounds like a great place to take kids, and I’ve never been there, so I’ll have to check it out the next time I’m in Bs As. And I love that there’s a dino called the Argentinosaurus — I think I’ll adopt that as my nickname!

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