Interview: A meeting with Juan, our head Barman

Our latest team member, Juan, has given us some time to talk about his amazing cocktails, how he comes up with ideas, his role at The Argentine Experience and what the future holds!

So lets start with who you are!

My name is Juan, I’m from Quito in Ecuador and I have been in Buenos Aires for 6 years on and off and I came here to study to be a chef, worked as a chef for 1 year then became a sommelier and discovered that was my passion – Drinks! So I left the kitchen and dedicated my time to wine and spirits.

How long have you been making cocktails?

For the last 3 years I have been making cocktails at various bars in Buenos Aires, I started with the classic cocktails everybody knows but then met a great barman who taught me to think outside the box and experiment with different infusions and making up my own cocktails.

How do you come up with your ideas?

My work as a chef and sommelier really helped develop my palate and it meant I had a great internal database of flavours and aromas to draw upon which is great for making cocktails, especially ones nobody else really makes

What is your favourite cocktail?

My favourite cocktail is the Manhattan, because while its a straight forward cocktail all of the flavours are at the forefront, there are no hidden flavours what you taste is what you get.

How are you finding working at The Argentine Experience?

Its amazing, Leon has given me full freedom and control to create what I like behind the bar, its an incredible opportunity, I never expected such freedom so quickly and its great for me and hopefully the customers who try my drinks!

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I’m a huge music fan, I download and listen to a ton of music and I love it, outside of coming up with new cocktails, music is my next biggest passion.

Finally, give our readers a great cocktail recipe!

Ok the recipe i’m going to give you is for a Ciantro Mojito, which essentially just replaces the rum and mint in a normal Mojito for Cilantro and Tequila:

3 Cilantro sprigs

2 tablespoons of sugar

1oz of lemon juice

2oz of Tequila

Splash of soda water

Method: Place the sugar and lemon juice in a glass and stir until the sugar is semi dissolved in the lemon juice. Add the cilantro sprigs, lots of cracked ice and the tequila. Stir and finally top it up with soda and add a lime wedge garnish.



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