ArgenThai Night!

Those of you that follow our facebook page will know that we plan on running various themed nights in our downstairs restaurant, we have currently run trial nights with Peruvian food and Mexican but last week, it was time to run a trial of our highly anticipated Thai night! Being half Thai, and having a wealth of experience in 5* restaurants in Thailand Bo has been chomping at the bit to run a night cooking great food from his home country, and moreover making it spicy!

So a few weeks ago we ran the first Argenthai night! We invited various friends, associates and happy customers from the Argentine Experience and spoiled them with a 3 course meal for 100 pesos! The starter consisted of prawn and pork toast with a delicious vegetarian spring roll. For a main course you could choose from either chicken with cashew nuts, braised pork or beef panang curry, all of which were delicious and proved equally popular. For dessert we offered a decadant banoffee pie to help soothe any hot mouths that may have not tasted spice like that for some time!

Now what goes perfectly well with Thai food? thats right, a powercut lasting 2 hours into the service! Fortunately, while this crippled our competitors, we at the Argentine Experience are made of sterner stuff! A few candles and head torches later and we were back in business, even the stifling heat of the night couldnt stop us!

As you can see from the pictures the atmosphere was fantastic, the food had rave reviews and we cant wait to get all you expats over to try it, theres nothing quite like amazing Thai food with refreshing cocktails made but our Juanbelievable barman!

Keep yourself abreast of our themed nights by liking our facebook page, we plan on having many more in the future and we’d love you to see you there! We know all you expats are craving spices!


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