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Picture perfect with Foto Ruta

Photography.. you just point your camera and click the button right? How hard can it be? This was the main thought running through my mind when I ventured down to Recoleta to join in Foto Ruta’s photography class and tour. If you look through my personal photo collection one thing becomes very obvious – I’m … Continue reading

Why Argentina is a photographers dream!

The other day us girls at The Argentine Experience met with the girls from Foto Ruta to talk about their shared creative outlet, photography, and what they are doing with this in Buenos Aires. Joss offered to write us a snippet of why she thinks Argentina is unrivalled from behind the lens… Beyond the borders of this … Continue reading

Graffitimundo Street Art Tours

Graffitimundo operate a city tour that explores the vibrant world of street art in Buenos Aires, something that I had noticed on my travels around the city but had no idea of the culture and history behind it. I have seen graffiti in Europe and the United States and it was always something that was … Continue reading