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ArgenThai Night!

Those of you that follow our facebook page will know that we plan on running various themed nights in our downstairs restaurant, we have currently run trial nights with Peruvian food and Mexican but last week, it was time to run a trial of our highly anticipated Thai night! Being half Thai, and having a … Continue reading

Parrillas & Opera Houses

I love strolling through Buenos Aires on a Sunday. There always seems to be a shared consensus of what this day is, whether this is fresh air, coffees, or as I see is popular, chupando on a park bench! Having a visitor from New Zealand, I had another excuse to delve out from my little … Continue reading

Better than therapy ~ Buena Onda Yoga

Anyone that’s been in Buenos Aires for a while knows that living here can be a character builder. There’s the porteño culture, a mix of indie and intellectualism; dating, which is often described as “hysterical;” the loose tiles on the sidewalk that return surprise sprays of hidden muddy water and sometimes stubbed toes; let’s not … Continue reading

The Four Nations

The New Zealand rugby team, the All Blacks (my home team!), are in town, arriving on Saturday for the game against Los Pumas on the 29th September (Argentine time). I’m not really even much of a fan, but for every Kiwi girl, especially those far away from home, the All Blacks will cause the heart … Continue reading

Update on the new building!

Just to give everyone a brief update on where we are in the new building, our bar is well on its way to being completed as we speak! The builders are in and constructing the shelves behind our amazing stone walled bar that will hold all of our glasses, spirits and mixers. The LCD TV … Continue reading

Why Argentina is a photographers dream!

The other day us girls at The Argentine Experience met with the girls from Foto Ruta to talk about their shared creative outlet, photography, and what they are doing with this in Buenos Aires. Joss offered to write us a snippet of why she thinks Argentina is unrivalled from behind the lens… Beyond the borders of this … Continue reading

Traditional Argentine Food #1 – The Empanada

Right now I’m not sure there is a more symbolic Latin American starter than the empanada, and while popular in Chile, Brazil and the other countries, it’s within Argentina that the empanada has really come into its own, with more variations on its fillings than anywhere else. For those who don’t know an empanada is … Continue reading

Graffitimundo Street Art Tours

Graffitimundo operate a city tour that explores the vibrant world of street art in Buenos Aires, something that I had noticed on my travels around the city but had no idea of the culture and history behind it. I have seen graffiti in Europe and the United States and it was always something that was … Continue reading