Introducing our Head Chef, Bo

Modeling himself on Kung Fu Panda, this half Thai half English chef has all the tools, experience and creativity needed to ensure all our clients leave with a full stomach and a smile on their face! Born in Bangkok, Bo went to Australia at the age of 14 to finish his schooling at Geelong Grammar, where he forged his friendship with Leon through a mutual love of food, laughter and entertainment. He studied hotels  and hospitality at a university in the Blue Mountains of Sydney before returning to Thailand to start his training. Over the course of 10 years, Bo worked in various 5 star hotels scattered all over Thailand, and spent time working in every area of hospitality.

Although not his only talent in the industry, the area he excelled in most was cooking. Having tutored under some of the top chefs in Thailand his knowledge, experience and passion for cuisine immediately made an impact on The Argentine Experience’s vision of enhancing local food for the international audience. Since joining our team and running the kitchen, The Argentine Experience hit number one on Tripadvisor.

Introducing our Head of Business Development, Carla

Like many of us, Carla studied in Australia, spending a total of 5 years “at ‘uniwersity’ perfecting her English” with a degree in Marketing to show for it.  While intending to travel to Brazil to work for an events company, a diversion to Buenos Aires became more permanent and 14 months later she has no intention of moving on!

Carla met Leon during Spanish classes they had together, where it was immediately obvious that her bubbly personality and amusing English (I heard it on the vine grape) was a perfect fit for our team. What started as a trial quickly became something we couldn’t do without. After a short stint in the kitchen learning the ropes as Bo’s trainee panda, Carla assumed the position in ‘business dewelopment’. Combined with our resident Kiwi Sarah, her education, communication skills and creativity come together to achieve the extremely high levels of work she maintains to this day.

 Introducing our Social Media, Mate and Marketing Guru, Sarah

Sarah was originally introduced through an ex Argentine Experience guest, who was a close friend from her home town in New Zealand. Her friendliness and positivity about the project got us talking, but it was her knowledge and experience in social media and marketing that secured her position with us; a result of working for a local company that gave her great experience, but next to no expendable income. This was made apparent with the expression on her face when she saw her first Argentine Experience, with a full steak meal proving a far more tempting dining opportunity than the dry crackers and cabbage she had been living on!

What at first sounded like an explanation in Japanese of the benefits of 1 million different forms of social media for the company was quickly explained as a logical path to securing a fun and functional online presence, which would equip us for today’s cyber generation. This coupled with her encyclopedic knowledge of mate and tango makes her an enormous asset going forward.

Introducing our Founding Father Leon

Leon grew up as an unfocused English child with a lack of direction which, boys being boys, forced him to continue his education in an unorthodox number of schools around the world! Ironically settling on law in higher education, the hugely extroverted Leon soon realized his personality did not suit legal studies and that travelling was far more his cup of tea! Whilst working as a tour leader in Latin America, Leon’s eureka moment came when he realized that Argentina has some of the best produce in the world but was severely lacking in hospitality! Combining his infectious enthusiasm, outgoing personality and determination to succeed, Leon set about creating an experience which maximized the limitless potential around him that was not being properly utilized. Despite lacking any organizational, logistical or culinary skills Leon managed to open the Argentine Experience to a somewhat muted reception! But what he lacked in himself he saw in others, and by gathering a team around him he transformed the business into the success it is today.


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